Whenever you contact a professional Houston Foundation Repair company for a foundation service, they will certainly ask you what type of foundation you’ve got. Of course, as a homeowner, you might wonder if it really matters. Well, the truth is that it does matter. The reason for this is that there are various foundation repair solutions that vary on the kind of foundation they have to work on.  

Three Common Types of Foundation 

  • Slab 

This type of foundation is a concrete pad. This is the simplest foundation to build and it requires little preparation, unlike other types of foundation. Typically, the concrete is about 6-inch thick for the rest of the slab and 2-feet thick at the perimeter. To strengthen this foundation, wire meshing and rebar are used to enclose the concrete.  

  • Crawl Space 

The crawl space is like a cousin of the basement foundation. Typically, crawl spaces are around 2 up to 5 feet in height. Crawl spaces are typically built with cinder block walls, just like a basement. However, it could have a dirt floor or concrete slab floor. Typically, this type of foundation is built in areas that are prone to flooding or areas with high water tables. Crawl spaces can be utilized to store some items. However, it can be overrun by pests or mold. 

  • Basement 

Typically, basement foundations are around 8-feet deep. For the floor, they typically have a concrete slab. For stability and strength, the walls are usually built from cinder blocks. The normal building procedure of walls, beams, then slabs helps stop water from leaking into the basement. Basement enables for extra storage or living space. It is an area where you can go if there is bad weather. It also offers other benefits.  

Choosing a Foundation 

There are a lot of differences between the types of foundations we mentioned above. So, how can a homeowner determine what type is ideal for their house? First of all, you have to know the cost, the weather conditions in your area, and the soil. In addition to that, you also have to know what you need or want in a foundation. You might not be able to have a basement if the house is being constructed on a high water table. However, a slab might not be an excellent idea if the weather in your location is cold. In several areas throughout the United States, it is hard to dig into the boulders or bedrock under the ground. This makes the basement or crawl space expensive or difficult to construct.  

It is crucial that you communicate with a reliable contractor whenever you are constructing a house. This will help you have an idea about all the options that are available to you. You will also know the advantages and disadvantages of every option. 

Fixing a Foundation 

There are various choices on how to repair the damage, depending on the kind of foundation and the form of repair required. Thus, when you want to fix your foundation, it is important that you know what type you have.