A lot of houses suffer from the issues of poor drainage in their exterior, which is damaging the foundation’s structural integrity. As a matter of fact, this problem can stem from different potential sources and the truth is that repairing it as early as possible is considered as the most ideal way in order to keep the foundation of your home in effective and successful repair. In this article, we will discuss how wrong or incorrect installation of exterior drainage result in the damage of your foundation. 

Depositing Rainwater Next to Your Foundation from Downspouts and Gutters 

 One of the most primary sources of having a poor drainage around your exterior has something to do with your downspouts and gutters. However, your house need gutters and downspouts and all you have to do is to make a solution on how to stop the rain water deposit next to your foundation structure. The issue here is that your downspout can deposit rainwater from your roof near to your foundation as well as the surrounding soil doesn’t slope away from your home’s structure. 

 The best solution to this kind of problem is to install subsurface drainage pipes that are connected to your downspouts as well as leading the water away from your foundation into a safe discharge location. For instance, it can be lead to the curb at your street or also to a natural low spot right on your property. Also, in some cases, having a sump pump installed is very important if your house is located in a lower spot. 

 Missing Downspouts and Gutters 

 In some cases, a house structure might entirely lack downspouts and gutters or it have missing sections. The truth is that this can cause the water from your roof to eventually pour down around your home’s perimeter, softening soil under your foundation as well as leading to the settlement of your beam or slab. 

 The best solution here is to install a downspout or a gutter system all around your house and then connect it to your downspouts into the buried pipes or even a sump pump in order to move the water away from your foundation. 

 Poorly Installed Downspouts and Gutters 

Another potential problem in your drainage system happens when downspouts and gutters were not installed properly. As a matter of fact, your gutters need to slightly slope toward your downspouts and if they are not installed this way, water might spill out in the wrong direction and it can create foundation settlement and soil erosion. This is the reason why it’s best that you only hire a professional in this kind of project because if your drainage and gutters or downspouts are not installed properly, then there’s a big possibility that you will end up causing more damages to your foundation. 

If you think that your foundation has already been damaged due to your home’s exterior drainage, then it’s best that you reach out to a professional and highly reputable foundation repair service provider in your area such as Irving Foundation Repair.